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Integrated Cumulative Grade Point Average (iCGPA)

Category: Integrated Cumulative Grade Point Average (iCGPA) Published: Thursday, 12 October 2017 Written by Super User

iCGPA: Integrated Assessment and Reporting Mechanism on Student’s Performance

iCGPA is an integrated mechanism for assessing and reporting ofstudents’ development and performance as well as learning gains of their ethics, knowledge and abilities. The reporting illustrates attainment of attributes outlined in the six student aspirationsstipulated in the MEB (HE) aswell asthe eight domains of learning outcomes listed in the Malaysian Qualifications Framework. It is an integrated assessment mechanism that is aimed to assist various stakeholders in making decisions or planning for improvement. The purpose of this mechanism is to drive development and alignment in curriculum design, delivery and assessment at programme level and at course level focussing on student’s learning experience towards
development of a holistic andbalancedhuman being.

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