Academic Awards

Teaching Award and Most Promising Academician Award

Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) has organized Staff Excellence Awards to recognize and appreciate the commitment and outstanding achievements of UPSI’s staffs. These award nominations are open to all UPSI’s staffs and are set by category and specific conditions.

In 2013, BPAQ has been entrusted to handle selection for Teaching Award, Promising Academician Award and Academic Excellence Award recipient, in conjunction with UPSI Staff Excellence Awards. Starting in 2014, BPAQ has only handle both Teaching Award and Promising Academician Award while the selection process for Excellence Award recipient was taken by the Academic Staff Association (PEKA).

Various initiatives have been undertaken by the BPAQ to expose and help prospective recipients to provide and prepare documents necessary to participate in this awards ceremony.

UPSI's Achievement in National Academic Awards Ceremony

Dr Lee Ai Choo

This lecturer from the Faculty of Sports Science and Coaching (FSSKj) has been selected to receive a Teaching Award in conjunction with the National Academic Award (AAN) in 2009 and 2010. She received this award under the category of Applied Arts and Applied Social Sciences.

Dr Lee Ai Choo is a PhD holder of Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Alberta, Canada and become the first Malaysian woman to have expertise in the field of Rehabilitation Sciences. Acceptance of the award indirectly lifted and put UPSI as the first university in Malaysia to offer a Bachelor of Sports Rehabilitation.

Her extensive experience in the school made her a creative and innovative lecturer, and more realistic in educating prospective teachers in Physical Education, Sports Science and Coaching Sciences.