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Programme Standards

Category: Academic Quality Assurance Documents Published: Tuesday, 19 September 2017 Written by Super User

Programme standards is developed as a guideline to the stakeholders to assist the development of programmes in a particular field of study, which covers all the education levels: from certificate to doctoral degree.

This document outlines sets of characteristics that describe and represent the minimum levels of acceptable practices that cover all the nine quality assurance areas: programme aims and learning outcomes; curriculum design and delivery; assessment of student learning; student selection; academic staff; educational resources; programme monitoring and review; leadership, governance and administration; and continual quality improvement.

The programme standards is developed by panel members in consultation with various public and private higher education providers (HEPs), relevant government and statutory agencies, professional bodies, related industries and students. The programme standards is compulsory to be complied with, in conducting the respective programmes.
Following is the list of programme standards documents.





 Art and Design

3  Computing
4.  Creative Multimedia
5.   Early Childhood Education  
6.  Education  
7.  Finance
8.  Information Science
9.  Islamic Studies
10.  Performing Arts
11.  Psychology

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